Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to keep yourself looking in control and fabulous during a griefer attack!

Often when stumbling along minding your own business on the Second Life grid frontier we are often finding ourselves more and more confronted by goons, imbeciles, noobs, rapists and generally, all around unrelenting griefers who try to steal our glamour and ruin all our fun!
"I want teh sex" and "I need some lindens please" are all cries we hear during our shopping experiences or sometimes when we are simply busy admiring ourselves in the bathroom mirrors of our own homes as noobs come barging into our private, sometimes unlocked sanctuaries.
I myself have been almost raped as I was bent over on my front lawn attempting to dig up my hidden, buried stash of party drugs!
I have learned through experience that the best way to deal with these Neanderthals is to never let them see you break a sweat. Never loose your cool, never let fly a barrage of quick, biting, witty tongue smackings and for the love of Christ, never orbit them for fear of the big, bad, fucking Lindens to come swooping down and instantly murder you by banning your account! (Don't get me started on that!!!!)
When confronted by such peasants I pucker my lips, look my most fabulous and utter these words...."At least I look good baby!"
Oh such feebs and so little time!

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