Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Last Days Of Insilico

Over the years I have been happy to have photographed dozens of Second Life places, usually in their heyday and published them in this blog since 2009. I do not just take pictures but usually I absolutely submerge myself for a day or more in the theme or roleplay of the environment. No faking here for the sake of pretty, photo shopped pictures but simply capturing the way things really look inworld.
Another great, legendary destination is soon to close it's doors for good and this time it is very sad and close to my heart.
Insilico the great futuristic city will soon be no more.
I roleplayed here alot especially in my early years after my first taste of these sims was when I was visiting a penthouse home in the skies over Insilico with a friend named Cannon Atlas who is also no longer in Second Life.
I remember rezzing there and being immediately scanned by floating, orb robots which created the perfect mood and atmosphere of these great sims.
I will not go into details of why Insilico is closing because that is covered in many other blogs but I will simply leave my collection of pictures from Insilco's golden years and follow it up with 2 of the best video's (not filmed by me) of the great City Of Insilico. 
I think I am going to spend the next few days hanging here before this giant is gone forever!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Boystown Rocked

Headed over to Club Blu in Boystown last night to catch up on the club. DJ Zann Baxton rocked the place like he always does and dancer Emjay Baxton was making my knees shake as he gyrated on his dance platform.
I have not been to Club Blu for ages since I had halted my club hopping this past year and tonight, being there, I was overcome with the legendary history of this place.
It is one of the very few, surviving clubs from way back in the glory days of Second Life and this shows that they must be doing something right to survive this long and still have 36 plus people at the club on a Tuesday night.
I have occasionally snipped about clubs in the past and about Club Blu at times but Adham Decuir and friends are masters at keeping the club hopping and the crowd was constantly in conversation making for a very fun, happening atmosphere.
Good Times at The Legendary Club Blu!