Monday, March 12, 2018

Where Have All The Avatars Gone?

The 2 pictures above are the from the Romeo sim which was the original location of the once famous AussieBoys Club from way back in 2007. (map)In it's prime this place was vibrant and filled with party people, shops, several dance floors, a large park and small beach. It was the very first place and club I came to as a brand, new noob in November 2007.Seems SL has become a ghost town from it's former self. (Where are the people?) When I first joined SL in 2007 it was busy and vibrant with people and activities everywhere. Shopping malls, parks, clubs with small gatherings of friends and people sitting and hanging and chatting. There were seating areas all over and always had people hanging and being social, day or night. You could not help but make new friends. The clubs seemed like a community with an all for one, one for all attitude. Now everything is deserted, a wasteland of empty hang outs and seating areas. Clubs are wax museums of unresponsive avatars looking pretty but vacant. Great sims long gone. The only place to see any kind of gathering is a sale event or a good night at the right club at the right time, an info hub where drama unfolds frequently or Firestorm/Linden Labs party event.I think it is a result of so many private island sims now where everybody hides behind ban lines.

Friday, February 23, 2018

High Mountain Road - Route 6 (Public Bridlepath) on The Mainland....

One of my favorite places on the Second Life, Mainland Continents (Heterocera -Atoll) is the
Public Bridleway on The High Mountain Road.

Fantastic, winding horse and hiking trails to the north.
The Great Wall to the south.
One of the Mainlands best kept serets to explore especially by horseback.
Along side it below and above on the mountain cliffs also runs one of the great Linden Railways which I have covered before.

High Mountain Road - Public Bridlepath

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Unknown Theme Park

The Unknown Theme Park is your family-friendly non-profit amusement park on Heterocera mainland since 2006. We have more than 70 free activities like ferries wheel, roller coasters, tour train, games and many others to explore and to have fun!

The Unkown Theme Park