Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sansar: Not So Fun Anymore

Well 2 weeks into playing in and with Sansar and the novelty has worn off for me and the reality has set in.
Sansar is not ready yet or even close to being usable in an enjoyable way.
As a desk top user I find it more clunky and laggy than on Day 1 and the editing and decorating is almost impossible without a VR headset or whatever that facebrick is called. The walking controls are all over the place and so even exploring is an experience in frustration. I find myself logging off within 5 minutes and returning to old faithful Second Life.
One good thing so far about Sansar is that it makes you really appreciate Second Life more despite the bugs and things were used to bitch about.
I have been on for an hour at a time and went to many experiences on the Atlas and yet did not see another single sole. I think this will harm Sansar in the long run because first impressions run deep and anyone logging in for the first time will simply say "Fuck this" and never return, even if it gets better in the future.
Shame because I really liked Sansar and the idea at first but now it leaves me flacid.
I will still check in from time to time to see new updates but not holding my breath.
Second Life, I missed you and love you!!!!!