Sunday, June 26, 2016

Songs Of The Week: In Honor Of Pride Week

Awwww I just Shed A Little Tear...Updated

I only post my thoughts and rants and opinions here on my "private" blog. I do NOT post it on any social media. To see and read my comments you have to come HERE and read. I don't force you to come here and read. You clicked the link and you came.
I am writing this post because a Smith Boy took it to open Facebook and yeah I read it, saw who said what and rolled my eyes as some of the comments that were actually very funny and silly. The hatred for furries was vile. Wow a whole section of the gay community you just shunned as potential fans.
The Smith boys and some of their followers HATE FURRIES!

This blog is always controversial, so am I. I post my stuff and is for my reasons only. If you don't like it, don't read.

Some silly avatars got their panties in a bunch after reading my last few posts and besides their panties they got their hair in a twist and tried to also twist my words.
Let me make myself perfectly clear...
I in no way referred to Boystown. Boystown rocked Pride this year.
I LOVED Second Pride and all the DJ's and I LOVE most kinds of music but my preference is ROCK AND ROLL and just stated I wish there was more musical diversity. I did hear some great music and diversity especially from DJ Helene Dragoon and DJ Jynxx etc.
I know that rock music scares the shit out of gays and they run for the hills at the sound of an electric guitar. We gay men however are not all Barbara Streisand loving queens.

I DID say I almost vomited from The Smith Boys because of past incidents of Kahvy relentlessly spamming me, sending me unwanted mass teleports and after asking him to stop he repeated. Also we were once friends until things did not go his way and he disapprove of a lifestyle I chose on SL with someone he did not approve of. I still like Garrett and he has always been a sweetheart but he chose to stick by Kahvy's side which is also ok by me. I expected that. Oh Well.
This was what the post was about and at first no names were used until my name was used on social media and with that the gloves came off.
All the ass-kissing, star fuckers then surrounded their DJ Superstars like a swarm of annoying gnats with their comments they knew nothing about with the situation which was between Kahvy, Garrett and me because words were twisted and things made up that I never actually said on my original blog post. READ FOR YOURSELF and see before you blindly suck off the Linden swollen teats of the Slebritys  whos claim to fame is playing MP3's of other people's music.
"Well what do you contribute Ziggy?" I work a grueling, real life job and keeps me from having the time to be a Second Life Superstar. I don't play around on SL all day and night. The people at Second Pride already know I wish I could do stuff for Second pride. It had been discussed years ago. I have always defended Second Pride over bigger trolls than you and stopped them!
And for the record, In real life I have recorded, written and released all my own music in the real world with 3 CDs and 1 Box Set to my credit. I win!
Finally, the Smith Boys and their loyal following of defenders represent a tiny spec on the entire grid of Second Life and for anyone not associated with the drama filled SL gay scene, this is pittance. There is a whole, huge SL out there who has no idea or cares about The Smith Boys, Ziggy Starsmith or even Second Pride for that matter. Flourishing clubs that don't consist of screaming, drama queens.
Being banned from your sims I never went to in the first place means absolutely nothing to me. A tiny freckle on the ass of a clique that I left last summer when I deleted people who were not real friends to me in the first place. My real friends are still on my friends list. If you were deleted then you were not a friend but maybe just an acquaintance hoping for a quick lay.
Shove your cliques straight up your over-stretched, incestuous assholes and stay out of the rest of Second Life.
So there you have it. Straight from the horses mouth directly to the jackasses.

Yeah I moaned and ranted in the past and then sometimes changed my mind on mesh, mesh bodies, pathfinding, Windows 10 etc etc but too bad too sad. My blog my opinions, don't like don't read.
If you don't want to fuck me baby, fuck off! You know who you are!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Second Pride 2016: My Last Day

Second Pride this year ends on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 but today (Friday) was my last day to enjoy before heading back to my grueling, real life work schedule. DJ Jynxx and Host Barbie began on the main stage for my day and by far was my favorite DJ at Second Pride this year. She played "songs" that went over well and people knew, old and young and were putting everyone in a  party mode. She was also great fun with the teasing, back and forth banter that went on between everybody especially with Butch Diavolo, Dalton Cole and Myself in open chat! Many ROFL moments.
Also the first time I saw Bock McMillan in the flesh for a very long time.
After her set we walked, flew and teleported to the South Stage for Regi Yiffu who also entertained the masses and treated everybody to some great gifts including the infamous sex driftwood. Mine wore out centuries ago so a new one came at the perfect time hehehehe.
I met more friends old and new and danced with the ever handsome sexy couple, Eon Starfall and Jaspar Recreant. I am admitting right now that I watched their asses as they danced and all together we admitted that added together our asses have sailed hundreds of Blake Sea miles.
Right before I had to go the cute and sexy Ethan Lucas arrived and gave more much enjoyed eye candy. I promised to take him sailing soon.
This years Pride had no parade and I must admit I missed that part very much as it did not feel like it was officially Second pride with no parade. This year was labelled "Back To Basics" but I wish it had a bit more. There was no displays like yesteryear or much to see or do besides dancing at the 2 stages.
I missed things like quilt making they had a few years back and numerous displays etc.
A real problem I noticed though was not Pride itself but some of the new breed of people that come to the party's. Sometimes it seems like everyone was away from their keyboards and at times no one said a word in chat or reacted. Sometimes, not all the time!
This seems to be a Second Life epidemic all over the grid however and not limited to Second pride.
Since perhaps 2010 a whole new Second Life era has come to pass where people no longer gather together and chat or meet new groups of people. Everyone has scattered to their private sims where they stay with just a select group of friends. Very singular.
Yes I am dating myself but the SL 2010 and before used to find people gathering more in public places to sit and chat and meet new friends. Many places now are ghost towns unless their is a party or event happening. This is a shame and slowly killing this virtual world.
Some great stuff this year was that in fact Boystown made a great return to Second pride and provided a great set of opening night party's. DJ Ritch and Zann especially perked the crowds nipples and also I saw a large amount of furries come out to all the party's this year as opposed to last year and this is great to have so much diversity and all walks of gay, Second Life included.
Every club, every day should be this diverse and unified.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's All Rock and Roll To me!

Spent the afternoon at Second Pride again today but sorry for being brutally honest here but in terms of musical variety it was more of the same, remixes of tunes that bored me to tears. It did not help that 2 hours were filled with 2 goons from Goontown but we will not dwell on THAT!
Why is it that fags all listen to disco and silly obscure remixes. This fag likes his rock and roll. This gay, punk skunk likes his ass kicked severely by loud rock and fuckin' roll.  How unusual....
After a nap to recover from Goontown I felt refreshed and headed off to my favorite club GYC (Furry) Adult GLBTQ Furry Club, Bar & Hangout and got a taste of some real music (kick ass rock and roll) with my current favorite DJ: Angel Valentine. DJ Valentine does not spam my ass off like the "boys" from Goontown and played me some of my favorite heavy metal, classic rock and blues rock.
(Update: I am not referring to Boystown who put on great sets opening night and not slagging the general DJ's of Second Pride but 2 individuals who have ego's that overpower the fun atmosphere. I am referring to Goontown known as The Smith Boys: Kahvy and Garrett for spamming everybody so damn much. So Marcel de Vette put that in your notecard and spam it.) That's all :-) lol
my SL is not limited by a small group of gays dancing in knee deep water lol

One more day of Second Pride celebrations for me tomorrow before heading back to real life.
Please no more Goontown, seems they hogged enough SP time this year than needed or wanted by this gay reveler.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Second Pride 2016: Butch TuTu Edition (Wed., June 22, 2016)

Three days off work finally and time for some really serious Second Pride festivities.
I was accosted immediately as I logged in-world by the ever barefooted Butch Diavolo who could not control himself as he pranced and sashayed his way around the dance floor with his filthy bare feet stained from the cobblestone dance floor.
I am still astounded by the furry population making a big presence this year.
Every hour a new or old friend makes an appearance and that is what I love the most about Second Pride every year. It brings out people from all corners of the community, gay, lesbian, straight, bi and trans.
Also danced with Dalton Cole, Kyle Lambert, Kharissa Indigo and of coarse Butch who had to be thrice warned that if he thought he was going to walk all over my clean hardwood floors with those filthy feet of his, he best think again!