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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Will You Upgrade To Windows 10?

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For me, I am on Windows 7 and plan on upgrading immediately to Windows 10 sometime this weekend if it is available to me.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Project Sansar - Na, I Don't Think So...

 Alot of talk lately, alot of talk...about the next version of Second Life now being worked on for the future called Project Sansar.
In the back of my mind I see this as the end of the Second Life as we all know it despite what they say. I can see this eventually being the full focus of Linden Labs as Second Life gets ignored or finally gets executed once and for all. The writing is on the wall.

For Sansar you will need a headset with screen and headphones to submerge you deep into the experience. You will basically be cut off from the outside world.

 Linden Labs Project Sansar.

 Rusty's Blog:

 Jo Yardley's Second Life:

I think this is too far and over the edge even for me.
I don't want to be cut off completely from the world or even the surrounding room because this will lead to ignoring your real life more and more and basically your life will go to hell in a hand basket. This goes way too far.

 I can just see some guy thrown backwards over the back of his computer chair, naked and furiously masturbating to virtual sex with this headset on and a roomful of people coming in for some reason and watching you and you would have no idea...
Virtual velvet hands all over your body as you squirm and twist and writhe in artificial ecstasy.
 Mouth wide open, head thrown back, legs spread....oh sorry, where was I?

Dancing at a club, music throbbing in your mind as the fire alarms roar and the house burns down around you. For me I also like to watch TV or listen to outside music when I am cavorting on Second Life. I think after a few hours of Sansar I would have a throbbing migraine headache as well.
Imagine having a heart attack and your family discover you naked in your computer chair, headset on with an orgy of men on your computer still playing! lol.
Another major point...the world of Sansar will begin again from the start. Nothing will be merged over and it is starting completely from scratch again. All your inventory gone. I assume we can keep our names but everything else will be noob again.
I also predict that Sansar will become a "rich man's Second Life".
Doubt it will be welcoming to sailors as well.

On the plus side I have heard and read on numerous blogs and articles that everyone will have their own virtual land and I also imagine lag may be a thing of the past. I would embrace a new version of Second Life that started from scratch and got things right if it did not involve headsets or cut offs from the outside world.

 In theory it sounds like fun but the world does not need more detachment from real life as it is bad enough with the texting and cellphone addicts.
Would you want to sit beside someone on a subway, bus or public space while they squirm and jolt and flail around you as they are experiencing something in a virtual world behind a headset, while talking, arguing or talking lovey dovey...

 I also imagine the rage of someone if interrupted in something as intense.
Can you imagine trying to get your spouse or lover's attention or prying your kids away to come have dinner.
It could even get as embarrassing as having your mother or lover log in to confront you in front of your friends or virtual lovers and demand you log off for dinner hahahahaha...
 The way Second Life is now is just right as long as they tackle the real bugs such as lag and rezzing issues instead of trying to add new bells and whistles. Sure technology moves on but the Second Life as we all know and love it seems virtually doomed. Everything needs balance and we need to keep our heads and lives balanced between virtuality and the real world.