Thursday, March 05, 2015

Ode To Second Life Sailing...

I still love to sail in Second Life. The dancing boat rising and falling on the waves, the wind, the sound of birds, the scenery. Come sail with me....

LOGIN2LIFE: A Documentary About Second Life

Login2Life is a new documentary film about people who are home bound with disabilities and how Second Life helps them escape and enjoy a life they wouldn't otherwise have.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Don't Waste My Precious Online Time...

Wasting my precious online time:

My real life schedule is all over the map so my online time is an escape and valuable to me. Please don't waste it with stringing me along, false promises, procrastination or other game playing innuendo. Flirting is fun but don't carry on if you don't mean it. Wastes both our times. Not just flirting but anything. If you promised me something, anything and forgot or let it slip your mind you did not think highly of it or me so move along.
Don't ever wait or hesitate because the next time might be too late.

"Hi let's do something. TP me..."
(I send TP)
It gets ignored and chat ends because you found something else better to do or to do it with. Expect next time to be ignored or even unfriended.

"Let's go horseback riding on Sunday"
Me: Ok sure I call you or you call me Sunday.
Sunday comes: Ignored completely....boot up your ass.

I sound like a prick saying this but yes it has gotten this disrespectful on SL lately. Don't fuck with me. I never forget.
 Don't waste my time