Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Free Bird...

On Saturday, May 21, 2016 I broke Dalton Cole's heart. I was a monster!
I told him I had to be free and that I was breaking up with him through no fault of his whatsoever!
It was something I been struggling with for a few days, maybe a week prior with a lot of thoughts.
I came to terms with the fact that I like to be alone most of the time, a lone wolf, to be who and go where I want on Second Life with no plans and no thought other than I am going going gone!
I have done this countless other times with ex-SL partners and still I never learned.
I loved Dalton and still do but as I told him with a list of other excuses...I feel stagnant, trapped and not sure from one day to day if I wanted to log on or not.
It was not fair to Dalton if I logged on one day and decided to be a furry one moment or a elven prince two hours later. It just made me feel trapped.
I now know I shall never partner again on Second Life and this time I mean it. I am not meant for this. I do want Dalton to find a new man though as he thrives from the experience. Dalton was so compatable with me and yet I still could not carry through. No fighting, no enemies, still friends (I hope)
I would rather do it this way than suddenly vanish without warning and no explanation.
In time there will be more adventures with Dalton I am sure but just no longer as a romantic couple.
I love you Dalton Cole and always will and thank you for 8 fantastic months of experiences I will never forget....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooox good night.........POP.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Yesterday I hung with the spiders by a thread, caught up in the web and today I jumped in a Tardis and ended up in a fantastically, dark world of cyberpunks in the cibercity known as Hangers Liquids.
I had visited this place many times and blogged before here.
This is a wonderfully detailed city where you need to TP to, make a great tea or coffee and just wander, stopping to see the sights and lose yourself in the fantasy and role play.
Last time I blogged I had incorrectly accuse these sims of copying Insilico however I had it pointed out to me, whether incorrectly or not, that it was the other way around and that Hangers had been copybotted etc ...enjoy!


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Monday, May 23, 2016

Once You Begin Watching Spiders, You Haven't Time For Much Else...

I spent the last weekend exploring and visited and photographed 2 fabulous sims. One is an ancient favorite and one was a brand, new favorite.
I have recently began regaining touch with my inner dark side and these 2 experiences were right up my alley...
My 2 furry avatars are somewhat identical in some ways yet I find each one also vastly distant from each other. My alt, Rex Short the more bright, optimistic, fun and frolicker skunk (with red Mohawk in pics) and my old standby as Ziggy the Punk Skunk my dark prince of the two. Darker and one who plays more with the spiders!

“Once you begin watching spiders, you haven't time for much else.”
― E.B. White

First Location Photographed at The Wastelands:

I have been obsessed with the great, Second Life Wastelands lately and have blogged many times in the past about this natural, virtual wonder. I always feel myself drawn back. The haunting echo's of far away voices in the canyons and the behind the ear whisperings of the hallowed voices of the past.

Next Location: WEEDs:

This dark sim was brilliant. Webs, spiders, fog, cages and mystery. Discover for yourself by clicking the URL above silly....

Second Life Movie Of The Week: The Wastelands, Post Apocalypse in Second Life : Cape of Ruin

I been 'splorin alot this weekend and spent some time again in the great, Second Life Wastelands.
This weeks video is a great panoramic view of  The Cape Of Ruin in The Wastelands.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Trolls Come Marching In

My quest to meet Esteban Winsmore took me on a long and winded journey last night while hanging around The Violet Info Hub and Welcome Area. This is the best known place to come across trolls, griefers and other very interesting fantastic characters in Second Life.
The video below is BRITBONG another troll who is so politically incorrect, offensive and rude that I have to love him.
Trolls and griefers are basically people in hideous avatars who arrive at a crowded location to cause a disturbance. Sometimes with hilarious consequences.
I um, tend to encourage them :-)

DunkBoi (pictured with no pants in picture below) arrived suddenly beside me and announced loudly in voice that he was looking for a small, white girl to help him masturbate because he has a small penis. I told him I was a strong, black woman and it drove him into a frenzy of racial slurs. I suspected he might even have been Esteban Winsmore but not sure.

Call me crazy but I get a kick out of trolls and griefers and they way they seem to push people's buttons and get them crazy. Some people take themselves way too seriously on Second Life and forget the "fun".