Saturday, March 28, 2015

Club Phroot On Saturday...

Attended an afternoon party at Club Phroot on Saturday after a 7 day absence from Second Life and managed to snap some pics before my computer crashed on me....
with DJ Helene Dragoone and dancer Mikey....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Song Of The Week:

Take On The World (Judas Priest)...
Yup I know my songs scare the shit out of the homo sapiens because they know nothing but gay pop anthems and nuthin' but Kylie...Listen to it and expand your mind. Might bring something out in you besides wanting to be Madonna!
These were my role models growing up so no limp writs allowed ;-)
Real voices, real musical instruments, real talent, real sexy!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blast From Ziggy's Real Life Past...Part Two

I have gabbed on this blog before about my past real life daze as a rock musician back in the 1980's.
My friends recently uncovered some hilarious pics of me that even I had never seen before.
Yes that is me and yes Ziggy was a real life rocker and believe me I was no whistling Dixie ;-)
Eat your hearts out....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Playing with the Big Boys: 126: Ziggy Starsmith shows me his house in Muir Wo...

My buddy and fellow blogger did this excellent interview and home tour with me.... I loved it and it was an honor!
Click the link below to head over to Rusty;s Blog. Thank you Rusty.

Playing with the Big Boys: 126: Ziggy Starsmith shows me his house in Muir Wo...: For quite a while now I've wanted to do a different kind of interview ... I meet a lot of people with beautiful homes, so inventive...

The Cloning Of Ziggy

Hell froze over today as I decided to try, experiment and explore my personal, forbidden fears of The Mesh Project body for men.
I had tried and experimented with the free demo version they give you at "The Shops" of The Mesh Project so I sort of knew what to do and what I would be dealing with.
I made my way there and despite the horrific white on white store design combined with a white hud I managed to get all my shit together and purchased the deluxe version. It comes with chest hair, skin tones etc etc and an alpha hud which is a genius method to wear normal mesh clothes and have the ability to hide the bulgy parts that show through. I did not expect this and it was a wonderful feature and swayed this mesh body experiment to my liking.
All in all because I had previous knowledge of what to do with skin tones and neck faders etc I was ready to go in 30 minutes with another 30 minutes to make some outfits and presets to the alpha hud. (Another great feature).  I was convinced. The mesh project avatar looked good but I still needed to tweak and see if I could de-clone myself a little.
I had some prim chest hair and pubes and added them (got this idea from Garrett Smith) and made myself look like I always did but better. I admit I might have been wrong. You can have the mesh project avatar and still be somewhat unique and individual. With small tweaks here and there I could wear a majority of my regular mesh clothes. My favorite boots fit and my Xbolt Favorite jeans.
There are some bugs and yes I had one issue where I reverted to all white but a relog fixed it and that might have been a Second Life issue.
All in all I do like the Mesh Project Male avatar and admit I was too quit to criticize it without a thorough testing.
I thank Larz Kas for convincing me to buy it and paying for it as a gift and Garrett Smith and Kahvy Smith for showing me options and discussing it all to convince me.