Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Great First Week...

Well the first week of marriage to my blue-eyed husband, Jesse and we ended a perfect night off dancing together at The Spurt's Beach DJathon.
Who says blonds have more fun?

Mesh Avatar Heads: Babe Le Strange...

In this blog post I risk insulting some of my friends as well as the current Second Life population at large but then again that's nothing new for me, now is it?
We have discussed mesh avatars in length lately but something that is part of this trend and very sad is the fact that my friends cute faces are disappearing. Gone are the individual faces we have all come to know and love and in their place we have a vast sea of porcelain, wax faces, devoid of any personality (or movement). I am speaking of the mesh heads and faces which is now a terrible current, fashion disease of SL. Mesh bodies can look downright hot but these mesh heads and faces are horrific and ugly. Some of my friends had very beautiful, handsome faces but now I just don't know who or what they are anymore? The Wax Museum? The House Of Wax?
No expression to speak of besides a vacant, botox, model look like a robot turned model.
The mouth won't move, the eyes are vacant and the clones are on overtime.
Where have my friends gone? Hello, anybody there? Is anybody home? Anybody?
Trending and extreme fashion are at an all time high lately and bandwagons are being jumped on and off.
Sorry but they suck and I hate them. That's that! There I said it....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our Brand New Place...

I logged on this morning and was absolutely surprised by my Blue Eyed Prince, Jesse Starsmith with a new home on our own tropical sim surrounded by 100 plus sims of open sailing waters.
We are still in the process of settling in so more pictures to follow at a later time. After all, we are still on our honeymoon and trying to decorate when we can't keep our hands off each other is not at the top of our priority list ;-)